Homes That Create New Beginnings

Since 1993, Vitus has given economically disadvantaged families and seniors more than a place to live – we have created homes to take pride in. Through acquiring, improving, and preserving affordable housing nationwide, we build communities that will improve lives for decades to come.


Forging partnerships

Long-term preservation of our nation’s critical existing affordable housing begins with a collaboration between buyer and seller to create mutual success. Vitus has built its reputation on clear communication and fulfilling its commitments. The seller’s legacy and stewardship are honored and preserved, and residents enjoy continued affordability, new supportive programs, and fully modernized homes.


A fresh start for affordable housing

Vitus is committed to the future of its housing and its residents. We bring resources to perform a substantial renovation of each property, and create homes that inspire hope and ensure affordability for many years to come. Our renovations are designed to improve energy efficiency, modernize systems and interiors, and support improved resident health.

Vitus partners with local and regional construction and property management companies to create local jobs and ensure that its properties are staffed by people who know and love their community.

Our portfolio features:


Ada Units

added since 2020, supporting residents with physical disabilities


Water efficient appliances

saving 63 million gallons of water per year


Energy Star appliances

providing residents meaningful savings on their monthly utility bills

Solar Panels

producing 1.7 million kWh of energy annually


Creating hope for the future

Vitus is committed to protecting America’s affordable housing long into the future through responsible and long-term stewardship. Existing affordability commitments are honored and new commitments are created, to provide continued affordability for at least 30 years (and longer in many cases).

With fully modernized properties, a renewed focus on enriching the lives of seniors and families, and ongoing relationships from local nonprofits, we work to address the unique needs of each of our communities and residents.

Example Vitus programs include:

  • Adding new amenities where possible, including playgrounds, onsite laundry, community gardens, computer labs, and more
  • Food, clothing and school supplies drives
  • Ongoing after school programing for children
  • Ongoing health, nutrition, wellness, and parenting courses
  • ESL courses, employment readiness, GED completion, computer classes, and financial literacy classes
  • Crisis intervention resources
  • Fitness classes and senior activities