Communities of Health, Happiness, and Hope

A good home is much more than a place to live – it’s an opportunity to grow, a source of mental and physical health, and the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Along with thoughtful renovations to improve accessibility and comfort, we work with local property managers and nonprofit partners to develop programs that meet the unique needs of each Vitus community. Depending on the property, programs may include exercise classes, after school programs, tutoring, community gardens and more.

“I love living here – It’s beautiful, it’s quiet, I have sun every day.”

– Laura, Administrative Assistant and Resident, Sanford Hildebrandt Towers (Seattle, WA)

“It’s home and so much more than that too. It’s very comforting to know that there are other people that care.”

– Fred, Resident, Sanford Hildebrandt Towers (Seattle, WA)

“We get a big kick out of saying, ‘my god, we’re living here!’”

– Carol, School Apartments (New Britain, CT)

“A lot of residents here are happy just because this is a place they can call their home.”

– Angel, Maintenance Supervisor, School Apartments (New Britain, CT)

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