Success in life begins with a good home.



For more than 25 years, Vitus has been dedicated to giving American families and seniors quality homes they can afford.

We’re proud to have served over 25,000 residents across more than 100 properties.


We believe in doing well by doing good.



“I love living here. I love life.
I want to stay here forever.”
LaFrance, 63
Heritage Station, Atlanta

Through over $1.4B in investments, we’ve proved time and again that it’s possible to create positive social impact and achieve business success at the same time.

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A culture of innovation, creativity and endless curiosity.


“Vitus gives every member of the team the opportunity to lead, each in their own way.”

Senior Asset Manager
Vitus employee for 4+ years


Over the past 25 years, a unique company culture has evolved at Vitus.

And it has proven to be exceptionally effective at keeping the entire team highly engaged with the company’s mission.

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